Part Exchange

Part exchange speeds up house sales and provides certainty for your purchasers. You might be a large housebuilder looking to de-risk or require overflow external funding to extend PX on a site. Maybe you are a local builder that would like to offer PX but you’ve been deterred by the balance sheet implications, risk and costs. Whatever your circumstances we have a solution to help.

  • We guarantee an offer on every part exchange property within 48 hours of referral
  • The PX property will not appear on your balance sheet
  • We accept 100% of the shortfall risk
  • We meet all the servicing and carrying costs
  • There are no estate agency fees to pay to sell-on the PX property
  • Our offers are made free of charge and free of obligation
  • Your purchaser just pays their usual purchase costs and if they haven’t signed a sole selling rights agreement, they won’t have to pay estate agency commission either
  • We move faster than a private buyer to reduce your sale times