PX Factor

How it helps

The PX Factor speeds up house sales and provides certainty for your purchasers.

If you are an Estate Agent, being able to offer a part exchange is a powerful tool to winning new business with housebuilders and providing you with a competitive advantage over other land and new homes agents.

Or, if you are a housebuilder looking to de-risk or acquire overflow external funding to extend PX on a site, or a local builder that would like to offer PX without the balance sheet implications, risk and costs - we have a solution to help.

How it works

We offer a fast and reliable service with offers typically made within 48 hours and completion of the purchase in as little as 28 days or suitable timescale to for you and/or the seller.  We will also buy ‘problem’ properties, for example those with structural defects and short leases.

Our products are designed to meet your clients’ needs and our transparent offer process is fast, fair and assured.  Our transparent cash buying service guarantees a sale without any risk or cost to you at a market leading percentage of value.

Our services include:

  • An offer guarantee on every part exchange property within 48 hours of referral
  • PX property will not appear on your balance sheet
  • We accept 100% of the shortfall risk
  • We meet all the servicing and carrying costs
  • There are no estate agency fees to pay to sell-on the PX property
  • Our offers are made free of charge and free of obligation
  • Your purchaser just pays their usual purchase costs and if they haven’t signed a sole selling rights agreement, they won’t have to pay estate agency commission either
  • We move faster than a private buyer to reduce your sale times