Database Re-engagement & Lead Nurturing

How it helps

Your prospective vendors and buyers - and the data you hold about them - are the most valuable assets to your business.  Once you’ve gone through the work to attract prospective customers, the last thing you want to do is lose them.  It’s all too common to become completely engrossed in the workload with active buyers and vendors, and ultimately lack the time to remarket to ‘lapsed’ or ‘inactive’ customers such as a buyer who didn’t progress with a property, or a seller who went with another agent. 

Our service ensures you don't lose touch with those hard-earned contacts when they are ready to come onto the market.

How it works

We prospect your existing contact database to reinvigorate relationships, gauge their current status, and identify those that are coming onto market. 

As a white-labelled service, we become part of your team by embedding ourselves seamlessly.  We update your CRM as we engage with your audience to keep you informed with all progress.

Our services include:

  • Revive stale leads and find new instructions
  • Keep prospective vendors warm until they are ready to go on the market
  • Keep buyers, landlords, and homeowners engaged when ideal properties come onto market
  • Create loyalty through consistent engagement with your local market