Launchpad New Agent Pack

How it helps

If you are a new agent or if you’re opening a new branch, you need to build brand awareness with your market and get instructions as quickly as possible.  We have created a ‘Launchpad’ to help you get off the ground.  

Our Launchpad service pack helps you build your brand as well as your prospect database.  Our approach will help uncover immediate listings as well as future landlord and vendor customers which will allows you to nurture them going forward.

How it works

To do this, we have contracted with selected partners as well as our in-house team to build a best-of-breed package for success.  We use a mix of modern prop-tech and people services to capture the maximum opportunity while building interpersonal relationships.

We bring together services and technology in a complete package so that you don’t have to spend time trying to figure out who to partner with, what technologies to license, and spend time on marketing.   We can also incorporate any services you may have already signed up for into the process.  It frees you up to do more within the community, building personal relationships while we automate the more administrative side of it.

We manage the whole campaign and look after all aspects, from sending letters to managing the Social Media campaign as well as all the other elements of driving new leads. We also cover all of the demand created within our call centre, ensuring that your potential customers are getting immediate service, and you are punching above your weight in terms of resources and response times.

Our services include:

  • Online touting by identifying key area based on your target audience, post codes, and sector/profile of properties
  • Subscription to the three different types of valuation services
  • Agent Comparison website submission 
  • Letter touting and nurture 
  • Chatbots – Realtime Augmented intelligence Chatbot with direct feeds to our agents.
  • Social Media – Includes full management, blogs and posts driving traffic to online valuation portal
  • Comparison website specifically for lettings  
  • Val booster from Zoopla
  • Dedicated agent – Your own agents covering your enquiries, responding real time 7 days a week 24 hours a day 
  • Management – Running all of the above services and completing a full ‘Nurture’ campaign including all CRM entry and management via your existing REX system