Data Enhancement & Management

How it helps

Industry statistics show that 1 in 16 homes are changing hands annually.  This means that your customer and prospect data is aging quite quickly. 

To meet this challenge, we reach out to your market to assess the status of historic data as well as provide marketing campaigns to drive new data, all of which is designed to uncover new oportunities for you.

How it works

We are embedded in your business and work within your own CRM, enabling us to update your data with the latest contact information, vendor or buyer interest, timescales, and other information that provides more insight into your target market and drives new instructions. 

We call out to your database directly to update status, contact details, and any relevant opportunity or interest that may exist or be pending.  We are also able to add new information via marketing campaigns.  By improving your data accuracy and augmenting it with new data, you can make the data work harder for you. 

Our services include:

  • Ability to remarket to your audience
  • Segment data for special offers
  • Schedule regular outreach to keep abreast of changes to their status
  • Forecast opportunities over the coming months