Centralised Portal Enquiry Management

How it helps

In the age of technology, customers and prospects expect their calls, emails, and form fills to receive a response with immediacy.  In fact, more than half expect a response to online enquiries in less than 4 hours, and 10-25% (depending on the age group) expect a response within 10 minutes.

All too often, estate agent response times are not meeting these expectations.  Industry research says that only 50% of portal enquiries are replied to and of those, the average response time is at least 4 hours.

Your Lead In delivers response times that delight customers and ensure you meet expectations that starts the customer experience rolling.

How it works

Our team follows up on 100% of your enquiries within minutes, entering all data directly into your CRM system.  We are briefed by you - embedding ourselves in your business – ensuring that your customers and prospects have a seamless experience. 

We ensure you don’t miss any leads, increase customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and improve your opportunities of winning business over that of your competitors.  Your prospects and customers will feel valued and their business appreciated.

Our services include:

  • 100% response within minutes
  • Enquiries are entered directly onto your CRM
  • Valuations and viewings booked directly into your diary
  • ROI more accurately calculated with continuity assured on all enquiries